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The Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics is dedicated to public service and scholarly analysis of government, public policy, campaigns and elections in New Jersey.

About the Institute

About the Institute

Founded in 2001 by the late Professor David Rebovich (1949–2007), the Institute is a dynamic and creative home where students can network, study and gain practical experience in New Jersey politics. In 2008, Ben Dworkin was named the new director of the Institute for New Jersey Politics. In September, the Institute was renamed the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics.

An integral component of the Institute's success is the active participation of Rider students in all of our programs. The Institute is committed to assisting students with research projects, internships, service learning opportunities, job placement, and overall career development.

Typical programs include:

  • Panel discussions and debates
  • Major talks by invited guests
  • Research presentations
  • Formal and informal discussions with political candidates, officeholders, policy and issue advocates
  • Professional development workshops for students, community leaders, public officials and staff, and faculty

Professor Ben Dworkin on Chris Christie's Presidential Campaign

For inquiries about radio, print and television interviews, as well as any other questions, please contact Kristine Brown, Rider University's Director of Media Relations, at or 609-896-5000 ext. 7260.

For more on Professor Dworkin's perspective on Christie's campaign, including radio actualities and other media, please visit his faculty expert page on Rider's website.