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Contacts by:

Key University Departments

NOTE: When calling from outside the United States, use +1 before dialing the number.

Name Phone
Academic Affairs 609-896-5010
Admission 609-896-5042
Alumni Relations 609-896-5340
Aramark Dining Services 609-896-5061
Athletic Department 609-896-5054
Book Store 609-896-5121
Bursar's Office 609-896-5020
Business Administration, College of 609-896-5152
Campus Life 609-896-5327
Career Development and Success 609-896-5058
Center for International Education 609-896-7717
Continuing Studies, College of 609-896-5033
Education and Human Services, College of 609-895-5048
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) 609-896-5381
Financial Aid & One-Stop Services 609-896-5360
Fine & Performing Arts, School of 609-896-5168
Health Center 609-896-5060
Information Technologies 609-896-5196
Liberal Arts, Education and Science, School of 609-896-5155
Library, Moore 609-896-5112
Orientation/New Student Resource Center 609-896-5373
President's Office 609-896-5001
Public Safety 609-896-5029
Registrar's Office 609-896-5065
Residence Life 609-896-5102
Student Accessibility and Support Services 609-895-5492
Student Affairs/Dean of Students 609-896-5101
Student Health Center 609-896-5060
Student Success Center 609-896-5008
University Advancement 609-896-5167
Westminster College of the Arts Admission 609-921-7144


Academic Contacts by Major

Business Administration Majors Contact Person Email Phone
Accounting Dr. Margaret O'Reilly-Allen [email protected] 609-895-5505
Business Administration Dr. Ira Sprotzer [email protected] 609-896-5280
Information Systems Dr. Jia Shen [email protected] 609-895-5535
Economics Dr. Lauren Eder [email protected] 609-895-5521
Entrepreneurial Studies Dr. Lee Zane [email protected] 609-895-5519
Finance Dr. Lauren Eder [email protected] 609-895-5521
Global Supply Chain Management Dr. Tan Miller [email protected] 609-895-5517
Human Resource Management Dr. Eugene Kutcher [email protected] 609-896-5203
International Business Dr. Melinda Hsieh    
Management and Leadership Dr. John Donovan [email protected] 609-895-5541
Marketing Dr. Larry Newman [email protected] 609-895-5547
Fine & Performing Arts Majors Contact Person Email Phone
Arts Administration WCC Admissions [email protected] 800-962-4647
Dance WCC Admissions [email protected] 800-962-4647
Fine Arts (Art, Music) Dr. Jerry Rife [email protected] 609-896-5168
Music, Bachelor of Arts WCC Admissions [email protected] 800-962-4647
Music Theater WCC Admissions [email protected] 800-962-4647
Theater WCC Admissions [email protected] 800-962-4647
Liberal Arts Majors Contact Person Email Phone
American Studies Dr. Jack Sullivan [email protected] 609-896-5573
Communication & Journalism
(Graphic Design, Multimedia & Web Design; News Editorial, Public Relations, Speech & Interpersonal Communication, TV & Radio)
Dr. Pamela Brown [email protected] 609-895-5107
(Cinema Studies, Literature, Writing)
Dr. Seiwoong Oh [email protected] 609-895-5572
Languages, Literatures and Cultures
(French, German, Russian, Spanish)
Dr. Elizabeth Scheiber [email protected] 609-896-5125
General Liberal Arts and
Science Studies
(undeclared majors)
Dr. Jonathan Millen [email protected] 609-895-5789
Global Studies Dr. Frank Rusciano [email protected] 609-896-5264
History Dr. Anne Osborne [email protected] 609-895-5455
Philosophy Dr. Robert Good [email protected] 609-895-5587
Political Science Dr. Jonathan Mendilow [email protected] 609-896-5267
Sociology Dr. Barry Truchil [email protected] 609-895-5467
Sciences Majors Contact Person Email Phone
Behavioral Neuroscience Dr. Jonathan Karp [email protected] 609-895-5658
Biochemistry Dr. Alexander Grushow [email protected] 609-896-5095
Biology Dr. Jonathan Karp [email protected] 609-895-5658
Chemistry Dr. Alexander Grushow [email protected] 609-896-5095
Environmental Science Dr. Jonathan Husch [email protected] 609-895-5330
Geosciences Dr. Jonathan Husch [email protected] 609-895-5330
Integrated Sciences Dr. Jonathan Husch [email protected] 609-895-5330
Marine Sciences Dr. Jonathan Husch [email protected] 609-895-5330
Mathematics Dr. Andrew Markoe [email protected] 609-895-5432
Psychology Dr. Anne Law [email protected] 609-895-5432
Education Contact Person Email Phone
Elementary Education
(Early Childhood, Middle School, Special Education)
Dr. Tamar Jacobson [email protected] 609-895-5403
Secondary Education
(English, History/Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, World Languages)
Dr. Tamar Jacobson [email protected] 609-895-5403
Business Education Dr. Michael Curran [email protected] 609-896-5312
Education Minors Contact Person Email Phone
Early Childhood Education Dr. Tamar Jacobson [email protected] 609-895-5403
Middle School Education Dr. Sylvia Bulgar [email protected] 609-895-5438
Special Education Dr. Michele Kamens [email protected] 609-895-5498