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Welcome to the webpage of the Energy and Sustainability Steering Committee (ESSC). Formed in Spring 2007, the steering committee's mission is to implement a balanced focus on sustainability throughout the Rider's operations within the framework of the University's Strategic Plan. Sustainability is a principle that guides the allocation of resources in a way that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We have developed an explicit mission statement and strategic plan to guide our decisions.

The President's signing of the College and University President's Climate Commitment has helped to frame our near-term tasks and provide us with some long term goals.

Each year this group develops programs and hosts activities on campus that support our sustainability mission. Some of these internal activities are initiated by the steering committee, some by task forces, and some by community members whose commitment is to be applauded and encouraged. Because sustainability is such an important and pressing global issue, there are a wide variety of external resources that support our initiatives on campus and may help you to find ways to live in a more sustainable way.

Finally if you have a great idea about how to involve more students in sustainability, develop academic programs, enhance interdisciplinary understanding of responses to the climate crisis, foster awareness of social responsibility related to sustainability or more effectively build Rider's resources for the future, please contact the committee by sending an email to Melissa Greenberg, Sustainability Manager at [email protected].

Committee Members (2015-2016)

Kathy Blachut, Student

Beverly Braddock, Staff

Dr. Michael Brogan, Faculty

Marianna Buseman, Student

Kiersten Ciocca-Bedi, Staff

Patricia Dawson, Faculty

Ambria Dell’Oro, Student

Dr. James Dickinson, Faculty

Dr. Cara DiYanni, Faculty

Dr. Daniel Druckenbrod, Faculty

Pamela Durkin, Faculty

Michelle Elberson, Staff

Tiffany Girado, Student

Melissa Greenberg (Committee Chair), Staff

Betsy Hallinger, Staff

Dr. Laura Hyatt, Faculty

Dr. Barry Janes, Faculty

Katharine Jaworski, Student

Julie Karns, Staff

Dana Lopes, Staff

Kevin Miller, Student

Dean Pat Mosto, Faculty

John Mozes, Staff

Rachel Nangle, Student

Karen Nolan, Staff

Denise M. Pinney, Staff

Michael Reca, Staff

Anne Rees, Staff

Dr. Howard D. Rees, Faculty

Alexandra Reynolds, Student

Dr. Jerry Rife, Faculty

Dr. Maria Sanchez, Faculty

Samantha Sawh, Student

Dean Sharon Sherman, Faculty

Chelsea Simpkins, Student

Jillian Spratt, Graduate Assistant of Sustainability

Dr. Barry Truchil, Faculty

Bryan Witkowski, Staff