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Interested in Science? Mathematics is of the essence.

The Department of Mathematics offers rigorous and insightful instruction. Our courses progress from foundational topics to advanced theories and techniques. Faculty members are active in research and will invite, stimulate and support your curiosity and understanding.

Our graduates go on to successful careers in:

  • Teaching

  • Scientific and medical research

  • Engineering

  • Computer science

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  • Pharmaceutical research

  • Urban Planning and Development

Princeton-Rider Workshop

On the Homotopy Theory of Polyhedral Products
Cartesian products have embedded within them certain natural subsets which are indexed by combinatorial information. The geometric characterization of these subspaces, known now as polyhedral products, has  application in toric geometry and topology, combinatorics, geometric group theory, number theory, homotopy theory and arachnid mechanisms. The workshop will focus on the topology and geometry of these and related spaces.

May 29, 30 and June 2
Princeton University, Jadwin A10 

May 31 and June 1
Rider University, Science Building 102 

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