Chinese & Asian Area Studies is a multi-disciplinary minor that aims to provide students with a complex and interrelated knowledge base from which to understand China as a historical and cultural entity. The minor incorporates the study of language, the humanities and the social sciences. Students are encouraged to incorporate study abroad in their program and can complete the minor with an independent research project.

The Chinese & Asian Area Studies Minor, drawing on the breadth and strengths of departments in the Liberal Arts, will guide students into the field systematically through course work and education abroad opportunities as well as co-curricular activities such as lectures, symposia, colloquia, film festivals, and other events that will help students understand the matrix of Chinese culture. Students will come to understand China in its geographic, topographical and climatological richness; its linguistic, demographic, social, and other cultural formations; and its national and regional, social and political developments. Each student will have an adviser who will help the student create a set of courses that provides system and structure to the student’s development.

Requirements for the Minor (21 semester hours)

Chinese Language*
CHI-200,201 Chinese III, IV 3–6
Gateway Course
CHI-310 Chinese Culture and Civilization 3
Area-specific Courses
Four or five courses from at least three disciplines and no more than two courses from any one discipline:
CHI-150 Chinese Culture and Basic Language for Business  
CHI-300 Advanced Chinese Reading and Composition  
CHI-307 Images of Women in Chinese Film and Literature  
CHI-311 Calligraphy as a Window to Chinese Language and Culture  
COM-352 Chinese and American Intercultural Communication  
ECO-315 Comparative Economic Systems  
HIS-280 Vietnam in Peace & War  
HIS-285 Traditional China and Japan  
HIS-286 Modern East Asia  
HIS-287 China in Revolution  
HIS-289 Modern Japan  
HIS-339 Women in East Asia, and Chinese Music Ensemble at Westminster  
PHL-207 Asian Philosophy  
PHL-248 Indian Philosophy  
PHL-268 Japanese Philosophy  
PHL-318 Asian Political Systems  
PHL-358 Chinese Philosophy  
POL-218 Asian Political Systems  
POL-267 Chinese Politics  
POL-366 Communist Systems  
SOC-341 Developing Societies  

*Students who place out of CHI-200 must take CHI-201 and one additional Chinese language course at the 300 or 400 level. Students who place out of CHI-200 and CHI-201 must complete one Chinese language course at the 300 or 400 level.

Study Abroad or domestic experience within a Chinese linguistic context or business environment—study, service-learning or internships—may meet some of the requirements upon consultation with the student’s advisor. Students must take at least one course in the Chinese Area Studies Minor upon completion of Study Abroad or a domestic experience as described above.

Independent Research and Study courses and Baccalaureate Honors courses may be substituted in consultation with the Area Studies Program director.