Requirements for the Minor (21 semester hours)

Spanish Language*
SPA-200, 201 Spanish III, IV 3-6
Gateway Course
SPA-311 Latin-American/Latino Culture 3
Area-specific Courses**
Four or five courses from at least three disciplines and no more than two courses from any one discipline.
BHP-206 Politics and Literary Form  
BHP-325 Literature and Political Realities: From Dictatorships to Democracy in Latin America  
CBA-316 Undergraduate Nature's Business: Business, Geology and Biology in Panama  
GND-310 Special Topics: The Latina Voice  
HIS-282 Colonial Latin America  
HIS-283 Modern Latin America  
HIS-284 Caribbean History  
IND-210 Global Encounters: A Cultural Experience by Travel in Peru  
LIT-340 Hispanic Literature and Film in English Translation  
MUS-308 World Music  
POL-272 Politics of Latin America  
SOC-341 Developing Societies  
SPA-301 Spanish for Business  
SPA-325 Introduction to Latin American/Latino Literature  
SPA-412 Hispanic Theater and Film  
SPA-413 The Hispanic Short Story: Transatlantic Connections  
SPA/LAC-420 From Colonies to Nations - The Forging of Latin American Identity  
SPA-426 Latin-American/Latino Film and Fiction  
SPA-496 Special Studies: Latin-American Colonial Literature  

** Students who place out of SPA-200 must take SPA-201 and one additional Spanish course at the 300 or 400 level. Students who place out of SPA-200 and SPA-201 must complete one Spanish course at the 300 or 400 level.

** Spanish majors and minors may only take one area-specific course from their major or minor program.

Student Abroad or domestic experience within a Spanish linguistic context or business environment – study, service-learning or internships – may meet some of the requirements upon consultation with the student’s advisor. Students must take at least one course in the Latin-American and Caribbean Area Studies Minor upon completion of Study Abroad or a domestic experience as described above.

Independent Research and Study courses and Baccalaureate Honors courses may be substituted in consultation with the Area Studies Program director.