All regularly enrolled students will receive an identification card from the Residence Life Office on either the Lawrenceville campus or the Princeton campus.

ID cards will be issued from the Residence Life Office, BLC 137, during the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters.  After the two weeks, ID cards will be issued through the Public Safety Office located in West House. For students with mobility issues, ID cards can be issued from the Residence Life Office.

This card, referred to as the ID card, will serve as admission to the residence halls (including the practice rooms on the Princeton campus), identification required in the dining hall, library, health center, at athletic events, and other designated events, and must be used when checks are used at the University Store & Westminster Music & Books. It must be carried at all times and shown on request of authorized personnel.

The ID card is considered official ONLY when it is electronically validated for the current term. ID cards are not transferable at any time. Fraudulent information or lending this card to anyone subjects the holder to disciplinary action. The ID card must be surrendered to the Office of the Dean of Students upon withdrawal from the University. The first time replacement charge for a lost or mutilated card is $30. After that, a new card will cost $60.